Stamtavle for Kull R2, Sally & Monty

Dogs with title  in red are field trial champions (FTCH) , 32, or field trial winners (FTW)  6 in Great Britain (GB)



Great Grand-Parents

Great Great Grand Parents




Misselchalke Lad of Halaze "Monty" ABQ2659003

Winner of 6 open stakes

Placed 4th& Best dog

2005  UK championship



GBFTCH Steadroc Sker

2000/01 Championship winner


Clarburgh Art

GBFTCH Kennine Rob of Rytex

GBFTCH Badgercourt Gryphon

FTW Birtenshaw Bramble

GBFTCH Sunnybrae Siskin

94/95 Championship winner

GBFTCH Windmillwood Shot

FTW Bishwell Susan

 FTW Chilview  Ann of Steadroc

GBFTCH Jenoran Boss

GBFTCH Finglen Tan

FTW Parkmaple Eel

Dans Beau of Chilview

GBFTCH Cortman Lane

Dan -Y-wan Dimple

FTW Sunnybrae Sylph

GBFTCH Trawsgoed Lad of Caldyview

GBFTCH Windmillwood Shot

GBFTCH Hamers Hale

Windmillwood Super Skeet

Megan of Ceredigion

GBFTCH Cortman Lane

Windmillwood Snowflake

FTW Bishwell Susan

GBFTCH Cortman Lane

GBFTCH Badgercourt Druid

Bokama Mist

Pipestrelle Pintop

 Bruno of Kentene

Jane of Ogmore Vale


Cullybracken Blooming “Sally” KCAS03297804

Hips B, eyes cleared 2009

2nd in SM ( Swedish field trial championship trial) in  2008

2x1Ekl jaktprøve, (Field trial elite class)

GBFTCH Moonreed Flush

GB Championship Winner 2002

GBFTCH Kettlestang Comet

GBFTCH Trebornil Tact

GBFTCH Rytex Rod

Trebornil Megan

Maesydderwyn Magic

GBFTCH Windmillwood Shot

GBFTCH Wintonwildfowl Donna Tulla

Moonreed Tina

GBFTCH Skipper of Arford

GBFTCH Badgercourt Druid

Castlings Delight

GBFTCH Tawnyhill Amy

GBFTCH Basdgercourt Moss

Judy of Tawnyhill

Hollinedge Donna

GBFTCH Rytex Rod

Inler’s Gruff

GBFTCH Highland Boy

GBFTCH Inler’s Harryslin

GBFTCH Rytex Ria

Parkmaple Loganberry

Rytex Renne

GBFTCH Rushworth Swift

GBFTCH Kennine Rob of Rytex

Badgercourt Gryphon

Birtenshaw Bramble

Buckshaw Baltic

Sunstar Stubble Halesmut

GBFTCH Fly of Buckshaw